Here is how to sign up for an account with the Salvanote mobile app.

Previous Steps

If you haven’t installed the Salvanote app yet, go here first.

Signing Up

  1. Run the Salvanote app you just installed.
  2. Once loaded, if you are not already taken to the “SIGN UP” screen, tap “SIGN UP” at the bottom right:
  3. Complete the signup form, tick the box and click “Sign Up”.
  4. The app will open a dialog for you to enter a verification code.
  5. Within a few moments, you will receive this verification code by SMS.
  6. Type this code into the dialog and tap “OK”.
  7. You will then be returned to the “SIGN IN” tab.
  8. Wait there for half a minute or so to give the system time to store your signup.
  9. Enter the username and password you specified, and click “SIGN IN”.