The essence of the Salvanote app is to foster improved communications between teachers and parents/carers. This in turn drives greater parent engagement, with the result that students’ educational outcomes are greatly improved.

Instant Communications, Instant Results

This app makes it possible for more immediate and more frequent communication between teachers and parents using instant secure messages between smartphones. Its primary use is meant to involve parents in a way that helps their children learn more effectively and directly improves classroom management for the teacher, starting almost immediately from first use of the app.

All The Advantages of Text Messaging, But Without The Privacy Issues

Only teachers may initiate messaging with parents. Once contacted by a teacher, a parent may reply, but parents may not initiate messaging with teachers where there is no prior contact. Messages are instant, and parents will be able to respond from their smartphone. The features currently available cover the secure exchange of text-based messages. The exchange of photos and files (such as Word and PDF documents) will be added later.

If you’ve used text messaging to parents before, you know it can produce great outcomes, but it means that parents then have your mobile number, which in some cases can be a problem. Salvanote does not use SMS, and no details whatsoever (other than your name) are provided to parents when you contact them.

Salvanote messaging is immediate, delivered within a few seconds, and displays a notification on the recipient’s screen. When you send a message to a parent with Salvanote, you are likely to get a better response than with a simple text message, because the parent knows it is coming from a teacher and relates to their child.

Speed Up Internal Communications, Fix Issues

As a teacher using Salvanote, you can communicate with other teachers too, not just parents. A quick message to another teacher can expose issues that might otherwise have gone unnoticed…

Chat Between Teachers:

Hi Ken. Johnny S was 10 mins late for my 9:45, claiming you kept him late. True?
No Lynn, he was out as the bell rang. Did see him round the back though… he might have been lighting up, couldn’t see for sure.
Thanks Ken!

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