Salvanote: Direct secure messaging with organisational oversight
Secure messaging

A secure direct messaging app, offering end-to-end strong encryption with full transparency at organisational and law-enforcement levels.


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Completely secure and private communications

Whether you’re a school searching for a safe and private way for teachers to engage with parents, or a government department wanting more transparency and oversight in communications, Salvanote has you covered.


Research shows that students do better when parents and teachers are in regular communication. Education departments know this, but have been unable to act because there is no fully secure option with transparency… until now. Messages in Salvanote are fully encrypted, but always visible to the school headmaster and to law enforcement.

Law Enforcement

With Salvanote, communications are instant and completely private, using strong end-to-end encryption. Yet all communications are transparent to the senior officer or captain. Salvanote lets the organisation restrict who can talk to who, for example: it can be set up so that only officers working on the same project, or in a given department, precinct, zone or location can talk to each other.

Government, Medical, Legal, Business…

Salvanote brings you the privacy of utterly secure instant messaging for any industry where confidentiality is needed. Whether you need to ask your client to urgently sign another document to close a real-estate deal, or you’re a doctor needing to send your patient their latest test results (that are too sensitive to be sent in an email or text message), Salvanote is for you.

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Why you’ll love Salvanote

Whether you need a secure communications tool for your team of 3 colleagues, or you’re a policy-maker looking to enforce transparency compliance across an entire industry sector, Salvanote has got you covered.

Rock-Solid Security

Salvanote uses end-to-end Hybrid PKI encryption to protect messages. Messages can only be encrypted or decrypted on the device. Not even the Salvanote system administrators can see messages! Unique tokens (used to encrypt messages) are generated only on the device, and never leave the device. Each message is encrypted with a random session code (generated on the device) so that if one message is ever “cracked” this does not compromise all other messages which still remain secure.

Bulk Messaging

Get the word out! Send secure messages to multiple users. On our admin website, you can choose individuals to send to, or send to a group. You can also create your own groups.

Full Transparency

Communications are automatically transparent to your organisation leadership, and to law enforcement, but you can also add additional layers if you wish.

Indirect Linking

People using Salvanote do not have to be part of the organisation to use it. School teachers can communicate with parents, for example, because Salvanote knows about an indirect party, a common denominator: the student, who is both the child of the parent, and attending the teacher’s class. These connection pathways can also be enforced, or restricted according to days and times, thus preventing unauthorised or undesirable communications.

1-Step Setup!

For Salvanote end-users, getting linked to your organisation could not be simpler. The user points the app at a QR code you give them (which we generate for you automatically on our site) and just like that they are set up! There’s nothing to type, and they can immediately begin using the app to communicate securely.

Easy To Use

Salvanote is built around a philosophy of simplicity. It does many complex things, but we keep all that under the hood. Our 1-step setup is just one example. Roll out Salvanote confidently, knowing that anyone who can use a smartphone can use Salvanote.

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