No need to type your messages into Salvanote, when you can just speak them!

Voice-to-text software on smart phones can greatly reduce the time in compiling messages. It is highly accurate, improves in accuracy with use in recognising frequently used words and allows editing before attaching any recipients. So as well as saving a lot of time the message cannot be sent accidentally before you are ready.

Apple Devices

Voice-to-text software is available in iPhones as a standard feature to be used with any app, including Salvanote. This is a very competent voice-to-text functionality.

Android Devices

Android users can download an excellent free app called Google Keyboard which can be used with any app including Salvanote. The downside to using Google Keyboard is that at the point of download you must give Google permission to access other data on your phone. If you are OK with this, then Google Keyboard has an advertised rate of accuracy of 99%. All ‘free’ voice-to-text apps for use on Android phones will require access to some data on your phone, or include ‘in app purchases’ and banner ads as a condition for using the app, or both.