How Salvanote can benefit your child’s education.

Multiple studies show that improved communication between teachers and parents/carers is a powerful avenue for improving the educational outcomes for students and thereby increasing the satisfaction of parents and the community with schooling. (Bauch, 1989; Comer, 1986; Epstein, 1992; Epstein & Salinas, 2004; Henderson & Berla, 1994).

When parents and teachers have rich and frequent communication, they can forge the partnerships that produce benefits for children. Additionally, as the discourse between homes and schools increases, understanding improves, suggestions are shared, and positive attitudes are more easily maintained (Ames, Khoju, & Watkins, 1993).

In a research-based framework, Epstein et al. (2002) suggested six types of involvement to help parents participate in ways that meet student needs and family schedules. One of the primary types of involvement was creating and maintaining two-way communication between teachers and parents/carers.

Existing modes of communication offered in schools today pose challenges: a teacher or parent must use indirect or non-timely communications (such as a letter or email). Alternatively the only way to communicate more immediately is to use SMS or similar, which involves teachers giving out their mobile phone numbers to parents, which can raise all sorts of issues.

SMS, and many messaging apps are not secure. Additionally, companies offering these options often have egregious terms of service and privacy policies that permit them to use and sell your private data. In some cases, this data may include pictures of your kids at school!

Salvanote is the answer to these needs and concerns: an end-to-end encrypted direct messaging app that simultaneously addresses the need for communication, security, privacy, and convenience.

Salvanote is a messaging app that makes it possible for users to communicate with each other without disclosing any private information, including mobile phone numbers. In addition, the messages in Salvanote are end-to-end encrypted which means that not even the people who own and operate Salvanote can read them.