The Salvanote app is applicable across many kinds of organisations and industries, however it has particular value in education. The basic idea of Salvanote was devised by a school teacher, and in an education setting, the primary use for this app is to involve parents in a way that improves their child’s learning outcomes at school and improves student management for the teacher.

Usually, it’s simply not possible for teachers to call an instant teacher/parent consultation at a moment’s notice. But Salvanote changes the game, making it possible for you to get the information you need from parents just at the point when it is needed. However, this requires the stage to be set, with communication channels already open, and the consent and co-operation of parents already established.

This article will show you how to do that, with several real-world template examples for school teachers who are looking to use Salvanote effectively for a better educational outcome.


Bulk Message To All Parents

Hi everyone. This is Mark Heath at Demo High School. I am your child’s mathematics teacher in 7M1 this year. I am contacting all the parents of the children in my class to find out if you would like to be in text communication with me from time to time about the progress of your child in my class. I intend to send notices about homework, any required equipment, something noteworthy your child has achieved, any behaviour concerns or if your child is getting behind in his or her work. In addition please feel free to text me about anything at all.
I will respond as soon as possible. If you would like to speak to me at any time then just text me and we will arrange a time. At this time I am beginning to assess all the students on their 2-12 times tables. Perhaps you could support me by having some fun at home in checking each other on these tables? Ok that’s it for now. Feel free to stay in touch.


Direct Message To One Parent

Hi Amber. This is Mark Heath.
I am Elroy’s mathematics teacher at Demo High school.
I am offering to be in text communication over Elroy’s progress in mathematics this term. He regularly completes no homework and rarely completes all the class work.
He is currently spending most of his lunch times with me catching up on maths.
Can you encourage him to complete some work at home as well? Perhaps we can work together on this? Cheers.
Mark Heath.
Thank you for texting me this. I have asked him whether he has homework and he tells me he doesn’t. I’m very disappointed to hear this as I know he’s capable but not dishonest. I will let his dad know as well. I am at work at the moment but would like to speak to you. Can we phone after school?
Sure. I will call you while I’m commuting home. It takes an hour and I am on a hands free system. i will call before 5pm. Look forward to chat.

And later…

Amber l have good news about Elroys yearly multiple choice exam in mathematics. This is the exam that is common to all the students in year 9.
He topped my class with 32 out of 40. I told him he had done well but I did not tell him this result.
You can tell him. Cheers.
Oh wow! I am so proud of him. Thank you for letting me tell him and for staying in touch.
No worries. Contact me any time. Have a great Xmas.



Hi Mark thanks for the message. I‘m Brians mum….. I’ll keep an eye on his homework but Brian is very diligent with it so I‘m sure it’s all good. Have a great weekend. Cheers Bianca
Thank you. Yes he is normally good with his homework.


Hi Mark. Thanks for the text message. I hope that Yasmin informed you that she will be away for the next two weeks due to going overseas, followed by athletics state championships. Is there any other work she can complete during her absence? Kind regards Eleanor.
No other work Eleanor. I have asked Yasmin to complete the current booklet we are working on and I will help her catch up when she returns on anything else she has missed.


Thank you Mark. We appreciate your contact and will ensure that Charlie completes her maths homework. Kind regards and have a restful weekend. Karen
Thank you Karen. l hope you have a great weekend as well. It is starting to rain here at school. Let’s hope it is more widespread!


Hi Mark My name is Melissa.
I am Bodhi Stewart’s mum. I was not aware of any homework but will have a chat to Bodhi tonight & make sure he is up to date. Thanks for your dedication to the students.
Thanks for getting back to me Melissa.
It’s my pleasure. I really enjoy teaching the students. 😀


Hi Mark I would love to be added to the list.
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Thank you. Crystal
No worries Crystal. Look out for my next text. I’ll send it now.



Hi Kathryn. I have today placed Nick on a level one card which will be used to monitor his calling out in class. If he continues it will become more serious. I am trying to help him become more self aware of his calling out. But he appears to no longer be trying to stop this behaviour. Instead he appears to me to be performing for the whole class. Could you please speak to him and let me know what you think?
Thanks Mark for letting us know.
We have spoken sternly to Nick about his behaviour in class.
Nick is finding geometry very hard as he hasn’t done the same basic work as mainstream kids – do you have any catch up sheets?
He’s having trouble copying in time from the board. Perhaps he could take a picture— it could help.
Thanks again
Of course. I will talk to him.
I can find summary sheets.
He can take a photo as well.
His distractibility is the main issue. Let’s keep trying.
Thanks so much
I’m hoping if he’s able to follow the work – & isn’t embarrassed because he doesn’t follow it… things might improve.
Thanks for staying on his case & supporting him
No worries. I am happy to do that.


Hi Bernadette. This is Julian’s maths teacher Mark Heath. After a slow start Julian worked very well today. He is sitting away from his friends. I spoke with him after class and we seem to have a good arrangement in place for him to work well.
I apologise for his bad behaviour and I do very much appreciate your time and efforts to ensure that he has a good start and stays on track.
That’s fine Bernadette. I’m glad to help.



Hello there Mr Burke. I spoke to Grace today. She came to see me of her own initiative. My approach is to let her say everything she wants to say without me interrupting her.
Then I repeated back to her and checked that I had understood her. Then I said everything I wanted to say without her interrupting me. We found common ground and are moving ahead. No detentions. I see it as a one-off especially considering the circumstances. She is doing so well this year in both her conduct and understanding of mathematics. I told her she is the most improved student of maths in my whole class. She was happy to hear that. We are on good ground again. I’m sure everything will be fine. Thank you for your support.
Any time. Sorry she is so much like me. My kids have all been brought up to be self reliant and stand their ground due to my health issues. I just need to teach Grace when and when not too.
Thanks for your updates and please don’t hesitate if there is anything else, it’s easier to deal with a small issue than an out of control one.
Absolutely. Likewise stay in touch if you have anything you want to raise with me.



Hi Andy. Letting you know that Cate has started the year very well in maths.
She is working conscientiously in class the entire time.
Hi Mark that’s excellent Cate needs to knowr she needs maths for every day skills in her life thankyou for letting me know how it’s going


Hey Mark, I don’t want to bother you after work, so I am happy to make a time to meet you at school if there is a need.
For a quick Friday evening question, is he going ok?
Cheers Steve


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